American Flag “Hand” Made


Little Women Book Club 

(girls age 10-12)

In teaching the Little Women girls about America and some of the symbols that represent it we decided to “hand” make a flag and have them write ways they are helping to keep America great.

1.  First the girls traced their hands and wrote on each finger and thumb (a total of 5) different ways they are contributing to our country.

2.  They then cut out a 5 point star and wrote five things the can do to help others.

3.  With a blue background on top of a larger white they attached the stars.

4.  And then alternating with red stripes they put their red “hands” making the red and white stripe look.

5.  Don’t forget to get a picture of everyone that helped make it!


One thought on “American Flag “Hand” Made

  1. Sorry this is unrelated to your post, but I found a photo attributed to you on pinterest about Girls’ camp certification punch cards, but the link doesn’t work. Do you still have these? Thanks!

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