Red Ribbon Week – Say NO to drugs!

Red Ribbon Week - Say NO to drugs!Red Ribbon Week for Facebook

At our school this next week we are celebrating Red Ribbon Week, which helps the kids realize the importance of saying “NO” to drugs. This next week will be fun for the kids too because they will get to dress up in some silly outfits or costumes. We will have a small treat and a ticket for the kids who dress up or wear their red wristband each day during lunch time. The tickets will be for the drawing we have on Friday, our local businesses have donated fun gifts. To start the week off right,¬†Monday morning we will take each class out side and have them pledge not to do drugs by tracing their hand with chalk and signing their name by it (easy clean up…RAIN). We also have a door decorating contest and prizes for each grade with the best decorated door.

Below is a copy of the RED RIBBON WEEK page to go home (2 to a page) I have left the top blank to add your school name and the date area below is left open as well, this is so you can fill it in with your own information.WE OBVIOUSLY PRINTED IT ON RED PAPER. This makes it easy to print at home and take to the school to print.


Red Ribbon Week blank PDF

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