Perfect THANKSGIVING FHE Lesson for the iPad

With Thanksgiving right around the corner I just had to share this (FREE for a limited time) amazing Thanksgiving Lesson that would be fun for kids young and old.Thank you, America Cover PageLink for iPad lesson here:

It’s just perfect for your next Family Home Evening Lesson, your kids will love it from the first 2 pages…Thank You AMERICA page 1Thank You AMERICA page 2

… they will love learning about how Sarah Hales is like a super hero and everyone likes name that tune…Thank You AMERICA page 7

…find out what famous song Sarah Hales wrote. There are many fun worksheets also from something simple like this thankful turkey color page…Thank You AMERICA page 33

…to how to write a letter…Thank You AMERICA page 31

how a timeline works, write your own lyrics to a song and build your own comic strip…Thank You AMERICA page 28

There is so much information to work with. Teach your children, grandchildren, students and just maybe YOU will learn a thing or two about how we ALL can be a super heroes!

Check out more amazing lessons like this, many are free NOW!


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