Personal Progress CLUE!

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Personal Progress Mystery Night was so much fun! Each girl got her own clue notebook which is just a piece of paper cut in half. I color coated the papers (notebooks) and told the girls to team up with another person with the same color. The leaders are in each of the rooms and the information they need to know is to be printed on the pack of their clue paper.  Basically each time they enter the room you can give them only 2 of the 6 clues. They can specify as to what particular clue they would like to hear like (Leader…Room… Tool…).  They may return to your room for different clues but they have to go to another room and then they can come back.  I posted signs next to the rooms so they know there is a leader in there.  It took them only about 20-30 minutes to compete! For a desert I decorated sugar cookies like a magnifying glass. HINT: put the wide popsicle sticks in immediately after you remove them from the oven.

Clue-Notebook Clue Notebook (inside) CLUE-detective notebooks Clue-Leader Clues CLUE-leaders clues Clue-Room Signs CLUE-Classroom Signs

I had someone ask what the answer is to the game…

LEADER: Mrs. Choice & Accountability

TOOL: Jump Rope

ROOM: Classroom #1

18 thoughts on “Personal Progress CLUE!

  1. This looks awesome! I’d love to try this out! What exactly are the girls trying to figure out? I didn’t catch the mystery they are trying to solve. How didnyiunintroduce the activity and did you give each girl a clue to start with or do they all start with a blank slate?

    • Hi Sharree, this was just a fun activity for the girls, I’m not sure if you have played the game clue before but there are usually 3 different things you are trying to narrow down not in any particular order: the room, the person and what they used to do it. In this case it’s the girls trying to figure out who, how, and where the mysterious value project was completed. I introduced it by reading the top part of the clue book to them that says… Our Young women’s President has found a Young Women’s value project that is completely finished, but she doesn’t know who it belongs to. It is up to you to find the clues. Whose project is it? How and where did they do it? I had them pair up with someone with the same color of clue book since I had printed them on different colored books and I tried to hand them out in ways that would help them mingle with someone they may not choose normally. I hope this helps!

  2. This was awesome! Thank you so much for sharing!!! My YW had so much fun & left excited about PP in a way I have never seen before! One of my Sr. girls said she was not planning on getting her medallion & now has new hope! Again thank you so much for sharing!

    I added that they need to set & pass off a goal for each room so the begging took a little longer. I also made a list of activities we did last year & the values that they would work with.

  3. Hi…I really want to do this for our Beehives, but we only have a couple of leaders. Is it still do-able? If so, any suggestions on how we can modify it would be soooo appreciated. Thanks, Dawn

    • My suggestion would be:
      1. Ask some of their mothers to help.
      2. Put the word out and see if some sisters in the Relief Society would be willing to help.
      3. See if the Laurels, Mia Maids or both would be willing to assist you that night.

  4. I love this! We are doing this activity this next week. Just to clarify, do they need to do anything to go to the next room? ie, roll dice, or rock, paper scissors? Thank you so much. Alison

  5. We did this as an activity last night and our YW loved it. I created an “evidence bag” and they collected “evidence” at each location (only the 1st time they visited). The evidence was color coordinated to the value except for Scriptures was a small magnifying glass (search the scriptures daily). Pretzels would work great for Ms Prayer as they look like folding arms.
    Anyone else notice that there is no leader clue sheet for Virtue. It took us a little bit but we figured it out. Use Mrs. Scriptures in place of Mrs. Virtue.

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