Youth Service Bingo

Youth Service Bingo Image

Last week at our combined youth activity our young men were in charge, I was very impressed with it so I typed it up to share.  It was the typical “BINGO” are you all know it but with a twist, a service twist. The directions are to split up into small groups like 4-5 per group (you may go larger if you have enough large vehicles to accommodate) then as a group decide which services you want to do. In order to get BINGO you will have to complete all the services in a row either horizontally, vertically or diagonally AND return back to the church FIRST!


As each group would return we would add them to our group game of 1-2-3… LOOK! It’s played by making a circle with chairs facing each other and everyone sits down. Each player then looks down and closes their eyes, all while the leader (or anyone) says out loud 1-2-3… LOOK! When the leader says “LOOK” everyone looks up and into the eyes of someone else in the circle. You are OUT if you and the one you are looking at make eye contact. If you are out you slide off your chair and sit on the floor.  The leader keeps on saying 1-2-3… LOOK repeatedly until you are down to the last one or possibly two people. Each time the leader says 1-2-3… LOOK the players in the game still look down and close their eyes. It’s actually pretty fun to be out and see peoples reaction when they get out.

When everyone returned we went over what service was performed by each group and the leader testified of how important service is and extended the invitation to look for ways to serve others.

Youth Service Bingo Youth Service Bingo

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