New Beginnings – Value Pages

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 4.15.07 PMNew Beginnings this year was planned by our young women presidencies, the girls wanted to use the same idea as a faith walk that we have done at girls camp. So we have some leaders and young women explaining a little about the value and a personal experience 3-4 minutes and we will rotate from room to room. At each room we will get a treat (something small) that relates to the value color. yellow=lemon drop candy, blue=tootie fruity/blue, etc. We will have a small clear bag that they will carry from room to room as well. I made these signs for the doors/classrooms that we will rotate though. Here are the value pages… Young Women Value 12×12 pages-   Just click on the blue words for the pdf value pages. You can print up to 12″x12″, smaller would work also. Just specify when you order it at your local print shop.


Here are some pictures from that night. FYI the number next to the candy represents how many pieces of candy to take.


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