Visiting Teaching Handouts

I designed this handout for a friend to help the sisters in our ward remember the importance of Visiting Teaching and what we should be doing. Sometimes I wonder if this is to help me… since I am her visiting teacher (ha ha). The size is 4″x4″ for print, and I put 6 to a legal size page & 4 to a letter size page. This is the link to the article associated with the handout: Visiting Teaching; Understanding the Power of Ministering

Visiting Teaching Handout Sample ImageVisiting Teaching Handout Legal

Visiting Teaching Handout Letter

Visiting Teaching Handout Black & White ImageVisiting Teaching Handout Black & White Legal

Visiting Teaching Handout Black & White Letter

I was requested to make an 8″x8″ individual image of each of these squares. They are letter size printable as a pdf.

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 8.31.03 AM

Visiting Teaching handout 8″x8″ squares Letter

3 thoughts on “Visiting Teaching Handouts

  1. PERFECT!!! You are a gem. Already passed this along to our VT supervisor and my VT companion. Hugs and His blessings to you always! Happy New Year from Wyoming.

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