Lesson Plan Worksheets

Abe Math Worksheet

Abe Silhouette Worksheet

Heart Worksheet

JFK quote to Print

Snowball Activity

Design a Flag Color Page

Flag color page

Rewrite the Star Spangled Banner

The Star Spangled Banner Quiz

Liberty Color Guard

My Money Stands for Liberty Worksheet

My Liberty Money Worksheet

My Liberty Budget Worksheet

Venn Diagram

Venn Diagram with lines

Star Concrete Poem Sample

Star Concrete Poem

Ruby’s Race

How I am Running my Race worksheet

My Story Map

My Story Map younger

I Voted Labels (30 Count)

Voting Ballot

Symmetrical Design Quilt Block K-2

Symmetrical Design Quilt Block worksheet 3-6

Symmetrical Design Quilt Block 3-6

Cause & Effect worksheet

Declaration of Independence Worksheet

I Spy Patriots all over America

My Patriot Tree-Family

My Patriot Tree

Our Patriot Tree

Patriot Simile Quiz

Patriots of the Revolutionary War Worksheet

Spy MessageYOU CAN cover imageYou Can Change the World Lesson Plan

Show Me Sentences 1-2

Show Me Sentences 3-4

Show Me Sentences 5

Butterfly Life Cycle

Butterfly Life Cycle Wheel

Butterfly dot to dot

Butterfly color page

Design your own Comic Strip Worksheet 1

Design your Own Comic Strip Worksheet 2

Design your Own Comic Strip Worksheet 3

I can write Lyrics to a Song Worksheet 1

I can write Lyrics to a Song Worksheet 2




Letter-Thank You Note

My Timeline – Morning Routine

My Timeline – Thanksgiving Day

My Thankful Turkey

My Liberty Budget Worksheet

2 thoughts on “Lesson Plan Worksheets

    • I use 2 programs pages(Mac) and adobe illustrator. The one I use most is pages. I’m pretty much self taught so many of the things I do I’ve learned off the internet. One of these days I may figure out how to teach what I have learned but don’t expect it too soon😊

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