We Are Liberty Kids

Every moment is a teaching moment. We engage learning with simple and profound lessons. We protect America’s Family when we remember her history.

We Are Liberty Kids
IMG_9865How it all began…

Liberty Kids began in a Kindergarten through Second grade school in Richfield, Utah. We were asked by the principal to come up with a program that would instill patriotism & service in the children because they were struggling with bullying. We put some great minds together and came up with Liberty Kids! Each child is given a double sided worksheet. The front side tracks their service, has a few quotes from our founding fathers and requires them to do their very best academically. The back is mostly fun but also educational as they do word searches, dot to dot pictures, mazes and many other activities. Each grade Preschool through 8th grade has a different worksheet, allowing each child to learn and grow each year. K-2 grades are required to perform 2 hours or service and each year after is specific to their year 3 hours for 3rd grade & 4 hours for 4th and so on.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 10.25.55 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 5.07.47 PM

Upon completion each school decides how to reward the students. We have seen patches, certificates, patriotic pins, t-shirts, etc. In some cases the governor has either signed special certificates for them or he has even shown up in person to present the children their certificates. The best part about this program is most of it is done at home which allows the parents to be involved too.

Getting Started patches Newkids

IMG_0666IMG_0664Liberty Kids-Ellie's StoryAfter the first year this same principal asked us to come up with some lesson for the iPad that would support the Liberty Kids Program in their school. By this time we had many schools interested in the program and we increased it from K-2 to Pre-K- 8th. The iPad lessons can be found here.

Next we found that many teachers didn’t know how to use the iPads in the classroom effectively so off we went in search of the best ways to help teachers. Below you’ll find what we would go over in our classes. If you click on the words below in blue you can download the pdf which has links for you to access the apps or help.We Are Liberty Kids iPad Class Notes-Linkedpdf iPad Class Notes pdf

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